Explosion Salsera
Professional Salsa/Bachata Team

EXPLOSION SALSERA (Professional Team)
Salsa Maritza founded the professional team Explosion Salsera in 2008 to promote the salsa scene and train those students who were interested in dancing at a more professional level.  
Team Performances:
Colombian Night (OU) Texas Salsa Congress (Houston, TX)
Venezuelan Night (OU) Houston Salsa Congress
Eve of Nations (OU) Dallas Salsa Congress
Capital City Salsa Festival (Austin, TX) Baylor Salsa Invasion (Waco, TX)
  If you are a professional salsa and bachata dancer interested in improving your skills quickly by training with this team, and performing and learning from World Famous Salsa Instructors at salsa congresses, please contact the current director, Maritza Rodriguez at (956) 457-4270. This team trains twice a week, pays monthly dues, and accepts members continuously throughout the year based on your current dance level of Salsa On2 and bachata.

explosion salsera director Maritza Rodriguez Maritza Rodriguez (current director)